Kidney Stones - Bigger Is NOT Always Better
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Kidney Stone Clinic

At the University of Toledo Medical Center (UTMC), The Department of Urology offers comprehensive care for patients with kidney stones including surgical and medical treatments in addition to Kidney stone prevention and research.

Stone surgeries at UTMC

  • Our highly experienced and fellowship-trained urologists who are specialized in Kidney stone disease use leading edge technologies such as shockwave, ultrasonic, and laser energies to treat kidney stones.
  • Surgeries at UTMC for kidney stones include shockwave lithotripsy, endoscopic, percutaneous, robotic, and open stone surgeries.  

Kidney Stone Clinic at UTMC

  • For the first time in Toledo, UTMC Departments of Urology, Nephrology, and Nutrition established a multidisciplinary kidney stone clinic.
  • Our patients with kidney stones are seen and counseled by a urologist, a nephrologist, and a dietician specialized in kidney stones at the same time and location.
  • The benefit for the patients include having a whole team of stone experts caring for his/her surgical, medical and nutritional condition that can affect, treat and prevent his/her stone disease.


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  • The University of Toledo Health Science Campus
  • 3000 Arlington Ave.
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Last Updated: 1/31/19