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Neurological Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

The University of Toledo Medical Center is the only institution in northwest Ohio that has board certified specialists in neurologic physical therapy.


We understand that our patients often have complex diagnoses and may need to see multiple providers — from speech-language pathologists to physical therapists and social workers. We try to make it as easy as possible by coordinating care and scheduling back-to-back appointments.

Board-certified clinical specialists

Several UTMC clinicians are board certified in neurologic physical therapy. They have more than 70 years of combined clinical expertise treating patients with neurological disorders.

A team-based approach to care

Our therapists, social workers and physical medicine team members meet regularly to review cases and develop treatment plans for patients receiving multiple services.

Convenient scheduling of multiple appointments

When multiple therapies are necessary, appointments are scheduled consecutively.

Driving evaluations and training

We are one of only two providers in the region to conduct both clinical and on-the-road driving assessments.

We also provide training for patients who wish to return to driving after an injury or illness, or who require adaptive equipment to drive.

On-site prosthetic and wheelchair clinics

UTMC patients can meet with physicians, therapists, equipment providers and prosthetics in a single, convenient appointment during our clinics. No need for separate, costly appointments with each provider.


Patients may receive a neuropsychological evaluation to assess cognitive, behavioral and emotional functioning. Feedback and recommendations are provided after testing.

We know that families and caregivers play a key role in restoring individuals to optimal health, functioning and well-being. We involve them in all aspects of a patient’s treatment.

Social work/counseling

Emotional health is as important as physical health. We offer individual and family counseling for psychological and interpersonal issues following serious injury or illness.

Speech-language pathology

Our specialists evaluate and treat speech and language disorders, as well as related concerns such as swallowing and cognitive functions.

Last Updated: 6/27/22