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The mission of iCARE is to provide extreme patient-centered care to every patient and his/her caregivers at UTMC.

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At UTMC, each health-care provider commits to and demonstrates clear communication regarding diagnosis, treatment and management; patient access to care; and respect for patients, families, and each other while providing excellence through safety and quality. We promise to fully demonstrate these qualities to our patients and their families in their time of need, to be there to provide relief whenever possible, and to always offer comfort and compassion.

This is accomplished through:

♥ Engaged communication involving patients in decisions regarding their care
♥ Physical comfort and pain management
♥ Continuity of service and coordinated care
♥ Prompt access to care
♥ Respect, empathy and emotional support
♥ The commitment to excellence through patient safety and outstanding quality of care

Please contact Customer Care for more information about iCare initiatives: 419.383.5141.

Last Updated: 6/27/22