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The University of Toledo Medical Center Division of Neurosurgery offers a wide variety of sub-specialties that are unique to the University and Northwest Ohio.

Centers of Excellence

The University of Toledo neurosurgery team brings university-quality surgical experience and skill to the treatment of a comprehensive spectrum of neurological issues.

The UTMC neurological team is highly experienced with managing disorders of the brain's vascular system, such as aneurisms and arterio-venous malformation. UTMC's neurosurgeons are adept at microsurgical procedures to treat cerebro-vascular conditions, including resection of arterio-venous malformations and aneurism clipping, and also provide comprehensive management for cerebro-vascular disease.

Neurosurgical Oncology / Radiosurgery

When a neurological evaluation reveals a tumor, UTMC's neurosurgical team is uniquely capable of providing the skilled, multi-disciplinary management required in such cases.

In collaboration with The University of Toledo's Eleanor N. Dana Cancer Center, UTMC's neurosurgeons can effectively treat many brain and spinal cord tumors with radiosurgery. Working with the area's most sophisticated radiosurgical devices, as well as a nationally respected team of radiation oncology specialists, UTMC neurosurgeons can treat even small, deep-seated tumors or arterial-venous malformations of the brain with ultra-accurate delivery of high radiation doses, limiting injury to neighboring brain structures and obviating the need for open surgery.

The University of Toledo Spinal Clinic

UTMC's neurosurgical team evaluates cervical, thoracic and lumbar spinal disorders in the Spinal Clinic at UTMC. Depending on the nature of the condition presented, the neurosurgical team may confer with other specialists at UTMC to develop a recommended course of treatment.
Neurosurgery is typically advised when a patient's spinal disorder involves impingement or damage to the spinal cord or peripheral nerves, and is most often recommended after more conservative forms of treatment, such as physical therapy or medication, have been attempted.

Management of Pain and Other Chronic Conditions

Patients with chronic spinal pain syndrome may benefit from implantation of either a spinal neurostimulator or morphine infusion pump. After assessment by a neurosurgeon and neuropsychologist, patients may be eligible for either
• Spinal drug infusion
• Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS), or
• Deep brain stimulation (DBS)
Patients with spinal spasticity related to Multiple Sclerosis, CP or spinal cord injury, have the option of implantation of a intrathecal infusion pump. Allison Ovitt, RN, MSN, NP-C, the neurosurgery nurse clinician, participates in the evaluation and programming of the neurostimulators and infusion pumps. Complex programming can vary the dose and delivery rates during periods of increased pain to meet individual requirements.
• Deep brain stimulation for patients with Parkinson's Disease, Dystonia, epilepsy or essential tremors.

Comprehensive Center for Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH)

• UTMC's comprehensive approach for normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) is unique. Careful selection of appropriate candidates for neurosurgical intervention and the work of our multi-disciplinary team of neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuro-radiologists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists has resulted in NPH outcomes that are among the best in the nation. The complication rate is reduced to a minimum when compared with other institutions.

Miscellaneous Neurosurgical Disorders

• Other neurosurgical interventions, i.e., Chiari malformations, pseudo tumor cerebri, and neural tube defects, make UT a center of excellence for these conditions.

The UTMC Difference

An integrated, multidisciplinary surgical team

The University of Toledo Medical Center is one of the area's leading trauma centers, and depends on the effective collaboration between neuro, general and plastic surgeons to treat some of the area's most challenging cases. This collaboration not only enhances the skills of UTMC's neurosurgeons, but also means surgical patients at UTMC have the benefit of an entire team of skilled surgeons at the ready should the need arise.

University-quality care

Physicians on UTMC's neurosurgical team are not only leading practitioners in their field, but also teaching and training our area's next generation of physicians. Their commitment to excellence in both clinical and academic medicine translates to a higher degree of healing for our patients.

A committed, caring, professional team

Our neurosurgical team enjoys the support of an extensive, hospital-based team of professionals, including some of the region's most distinguished nurses, therapists, pharmacists, and staff. Your health and comfort are the personal goal of each of our team members.

To make an appointment with a member of our UT neurosurgery team for an evaluation, please call 419.383.3759.


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