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Inpatient Detox Support

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"When you are ready, we are here for you. We want to help you take the first step of the recovery process." 
- Todd Stec, Inpatient Detox Unit Supervisor

Our detox staff believes you have the strength to make a better life for yourself. We recognize that the decision to change your lifestyle is difficult but we are committed to helping you feel safe and supported as you move through the withdrawal process.

The University of Toledo Medical Center detox unit is a 10-bed, inpatient medical unit that provides medical management of withdrawal for adults 18 years and older. The detox unit will help you safely manage the physical symptoms of withdrawal associated with stopping drug or alcohol abuse and then connect you with services to enhance your possibility for success in overcoming addiction. 

What to Expect

Common withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Nausea
  • Body aches
  • Fever
  • Fatique
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Restlessness
  • Irritability

To help manage your symptoms, our program provides medically monitored withdrawal services, assessment, individual support, education groups that promote mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness, and medical management for clients on supervised prescription withdrawal protocols.

Our program also makes referrals to local health centers for addiction counseling, intensive outpatient programs and partial hospitalization programs, as well as group and individual therapy.

The Detox Team

Your interdisciplinary treatment team will consist of internal medicine physicians, psychiatrists, registered nurses, licenses social workers, and chemical dependency counselors.


You must be in active withdrawal from alcohol, opioids or other substances when you are admitted to the detox unit. Remember, admission is voluntary. However, once admitted, you will be expected to follow the rules of the unit and actively participate in treatment. Our intake specialist will complete an interview over the phone and arrange an admission date and time; it is important that you come at the designated time. 

Please keep in mind, we do not allow visitors during your detox. It is important that you fully participate in treatment without distractions and visitors. 

Length of Stay

You should plan on a 3-5 day length of stay. Your stay might extend beyond that time, depending on your needs, the stage of your addiction and your general health. Our staff will work with you to determine an appropriate length of stay.


UTMC accepts most health insurance plans. A comprehensive list is available here. We recommend that you verify benefits with your insurance provider prior to admission. 

Contact Us

To take the first step in the recovery process, call 419.383.2337.

Last Updated: 10/19/17