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One team. One place. One focus. You.

Ever since your diagnosis, your thoughts are probably more questions than answers. You worry about your family, your job, yourself. There's an overload of information, but it all comes down to this: What do I do now?

You're already doing it. Here at the University of Toledo Medical Center's Eleanor N. Dana Cancer Center, we're here to guide you through every facet of treatment and recovery. Our goal is to be cancer's toughest enemy by providing the highest level of diagnostic, treatment and support services for each of our patients - no matter the type or stage of cancer. 

Everything you need - from specially-trained staff, to innovative diagnostic and treatment techniques, to support staff and even a boutique for survivors - is in one convenient location. 

At UTMC's Eleanor N. Dana Cancer Center, we have:

  • One standard for cancer care. High.
  • One focus. You.
  • One goal. To provide the highest level of cancer diagnosis, treatment and support in the region.

"If you or a loved one faces cancer, UT wants to be part of your team and your success," says UT President Sharon Gaber, a breast cancer survivor. In this video, learn about UT's resources for cancer patients. 

Most Advanced Radiation Treatment

At the Eleanor N. Dana Cancer, we provide the most advanced radiation treatment. Our sophisticated equipment allows our radiation oncology team to tailor treatment to the individual needs of each patient, using the most precise, non-invasive and comfortable options available.

Watch the video below to learn about Edge Radiosurgery.

Edge Radiosurgery is the cutting-edge cancer treatment we offer here at the Eleanor N. Dana Cancer Center. Learn more.

Calendar of Events
May 14, 2018
Look Good, Feel Better
6 - 8 p.m.
June 7, 2018
Cancer Survivorship Celebration
5:30 - 8 p.m.
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Directions & Parking
  • The University of Toledo Health Science Campus
  • Eleanor N. Dana Cancer Center
  • 1325 Conference Drive
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