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Staff Who Help with Your Care

Your physician has admitted you because you need professional services and care. Your physician directs your treatment and may involve others.

Consulting Physicians
Specialists in a medical area who have been requested by your physician to participate in your care.

You may also see other professionals involved in your care (such as physical therapists, dietitians, physician assistants or paramedics). Your physician assumes responsibility for your care and is the head of the health care.

You may be asked similar, sometimes identical questions. You may perceive this to be duplication of effort, but this actually provides more opportunities to provide you with higher quality health care. It also gives you and your family an opportunity to share information with a professional on your health care team, should you forget to tell your physician. If you prefer that certain professionals not participate in your care, please discuss this with your physician.

Nursing Staff
Nursing care is provided 24 hours a day. A professional Registered Nurse (RN) will be assigned to coordinate your care according to your nursing needs. You may also receive care from other nursing support staff such as Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), Medical Assistants (MA), Nursing Assistants (NA), Rehab Technicians (RT) and nursing service clerks.

Allied Health Professionals
Allied Health Professionals include therapists and technologists who perform various tests and treatment procedures that you may need. You may see these people in the laboratory, the pharmacy, the Heart and Vascular Center, the EEG laboratory, respiratory care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, recreation therapy, X-ray and clinical nutritional service areas.

As an academic medical center, we provide education for students in many health-care professions. These individuals are training to become physicians, nurses, pharmacists and physical therapists and are working under the direction of experienced professionals.

Outcome Management
Outcome Management staff can help arrange for needed care after your discharge and can help resolve financial problems that may arise from your illness. Contact them at 419.383.3872.

Pastoral Care
We invite you to call on a chaplain during your stay. If you would like to see a chaplain, please inform your nurse, or call the hospital operator at 419.383.4000and a hospital chaplain will be paged for you. Your physical, emotional and spiritual health are important to us. We look forward to serving you.

Uniform Color by Title
Yellow/Navy  (Yellow Scrub top, navy blue T-shirt, navy scrub bottom)
Registered Nursing Staff

White/Navy  (White Scrub top, navy blue T-shirt, navy scrub bottom)
Speech Therapists
Respiratory Therapists
Radiology Technicians
Echo Technicians
Nuclear Technicians

Navy/Navy (Navy Scrub top, navy blue T-shirt, navy scrub bottom)
Lab Phlebotomists
Neurodiagnostic Assistants
Unit Clerks
Radiology Assistants
Certified Pharmacy Tech
EKG Tech
Dental Assistants
Registration Specialists

Khaki/Navy (Khaki Scrub top, navy scrub bottom)
Environmental Services

Light Blue/Navy (Light blue Scrub top, navy scrub bottom)
Central Distribution/Linen

Red (Food and Nutrition Staff)

Last Updated: 6/27/22