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Meal Service
UTMC is proud to offer room service for ordering your meals. The call center is open between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Family members, on behalf of the patient, may phone the call center from home to order meals. Meals will arrive within 45 minutes.

Special Nutrition
Your physician may want you to have special foods while you are here at the hospital. Therefore, you may not be able to choose all of the foods listed on the menu. Our Call Center diet clerks will guide you when selecting your meals.

Special Needs
If you do not see foods on the menu which you commonly eat or fit your specific food practice, ask the Call Center diet clerk for assistance. We will be happy to honor your food practice to the best of our abilities.

Alternate Meal Service
Food and Nutrition Services offers non-select meal service. This features pre-selected meals delivered at standard meal times without the need of calling to order. This is ideal for patients who do not want to place their meal order, who are unable to place their meal order or for those that tend to forget to order meals.

Guest Meals
Guest meals are available through room service. There is a charge for these meals. Breakfast meals are $5; lunch and dinner meals are $7. The meal charge is due when the tray is delivered and exact cash is required.

Clinical Nutrition
Registered, Licensed Dietitians (RD, LD) and Registered Dietetic Technicians (DTR) work in the treatment and prevention of disease as part of your medical team. Often referred to as medical nutrition therapy, Clinical Nutrition staff provides nutrition assessments, diet guidance, nutrition support and education to patients and families. If you are new to a special diet or you would like to speak with a Dietitian or Dietetic Technician, simply ask any member of the health-care team to contact our service for you.

Last Updated: 7/15/24