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Why Choose UT for Aortic Disease Treatment?

Experience. UT vascular and cardiac surgeons are trained in heart and blood vessel surgery and have experience in evaluating and treating patients with aortic disease.

Diagnostic tools. UT vascular surgeons use advanced diagnostic tests to accurately and thoroughly diagnose patients with aortic disease. Tests may include 3-D CT scans, MRAs, angiograms and others.

Treatment expertise. UT surgeons have expertise with advanced treatment options and will determine the best for their patient depending on their type of aortic disease and their medical condition. Surgeons are also able to perform minimally invasive surgery or endovascular surgery, which involves small or no incisions, and often results in less pain and a quicker recovery and minimal hospital stay, while physicians monitor post-op progress.

Efficient system. UT physicians diagnose a patient’s condition and develop their treatment plan, often within a few days.

Team approach. UT vascular and cardiac surgeons work closely with cardiologist and radiologists to determine the most appropriate treatment for your condition.

Research. UT physicians frequently study the most advanced options to diagnosis and treat aortic disease and heart disease. UT physicians also frequently conduct clinical trials.

Our Mission

  • To provide a state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of all aortic diseases, including those that are the most complex.
  • To investigate each patient’s condition thoroughly using advanced diagnostic tests such as 3-D CT scans, MRAs, angiograms and others.
  • To screen high-risk patients and their families for aortic diseases.
  • To provide our patients with the most advanced options for treatment of aortic diseases, including minimally invasive and endovascular surgery.
  • To provide ongoing, follow-up and comprehensive care for our patients.
  • To ensure our patients have a long and healthy life.

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