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New Hire Orientation

New Hire Orientation Requirements - All of these requirements must be completed as soon as you receive email from HR with ROCKET #

  • Activate your UTAD - Your UTAD is your employee login to all University of Toledo computer access. You activate your UTAD by creating an online account in order to complete any of your other new hire requirements. You must have an active UTAD account in order to request your University of Toledo ID badge/Rocket Card.


  • Request Your ID Badge - After your UTAD account has been activated for a minimum of 48 hours you may use this link to request your ID Badge/Rocket Card. Login with your UTAD user name and password.
    If you have a current UT student ID badge/Rocket Card and or a full time student please do not request a new badge. If you are a UTP employee please advise with your HR rep.


  • Request Your Parking Permit -If you work on the Health Science Campus you are required to request a parking permit. When applying for permit, please wait 48 hours and have make/model/year/color and license plate number. To avoid a parking citation please request your parking permit PRIOR to your Orientation.









Last Updated: 10/6/22