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Interpretive Services

To enhance the quality of our patient and companion care, The University of Toledo Medical Center is committed to providing effective communication for our patients and companions, as needed. UTMC has qualified sign language and oral interpreters, video remote interpreter services, and other auxiliary aids for patients and companions. These services are provided free of charge for patients and companions while obtaining care at UTMC.

 Interpretive Services at UTMC/UT Health:

UTMC has a video remote interpreter service for our deaf, hard of hearing, and/or LEP patients and companions called STRATUS, which has replaced the Martti device. STRATUS has language interpretation available through both video and audio. UTMC has 25 STRATUS devices throughout the organization that are available 24/7. Should you experience any technical issues/problems with the STRATUS device, please contact Clinical IT at: 419.383.3333.

In addition to the STRATUS device, should a patient and companion choose a live interpreter and/or tactile sign interpreter, those services are available as well. Please inquire during the pre- registration/registration process so that the interpreter will be available at the time of service. In the event of an emergency situation or if a patient or companion arrives for care and is requesting a live interpreter, our goal is that services will be available within 2 hours of the request.

To arrange live interpretive services:

Please Note: The ADA and Rehabilitation Act prohibit discrimination against people with disabilities. The Rehabilitation Act ensures that people with disabilities have equal access to UTMC’s services, facilities and programs.




Last Updated: 6/27/22