Geriatric Medicine

GeriatricsDr. Ali with Patient

The University of Toledo Medical Center's Geriatric Medicine provides primary care, transition of care (home to assisted living/nursing home/ hospital) and specialty care for individuals 60 years of age and older.

Comprehensive Care for the Elderly

Our team of specialists includes board-certified physicians in geriatrics. Along with diagnosing and treating routine illnesses and chronic disorders, we render preventive care services and perform minor surgical procedures. We also offer health and wellness promotion activities, learning programs and community resource information.


We address the unique health-care needs of older adults (60+ years), such as falls assessments, memory evaluation, drivability testing, mood disorders, etc.

Patients with a Guardian

Patients who have a guardian must be accompanied to their appointment by their guardian. If this is not possible, the guardian must provide written consent for medical treatment. The consent should include the patient’s name, date of birth, insurance information, the date of visit and the signature of the guardian.

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  • Comprehensive Care Center
  • 3333 Glendale Ave., Toledo, OH 43614
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