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Health Education

Healthy Living for Life: Designed with the goal of reducing risk factors for chronic disease and to focus on healthy living through proper nutrition education, motivation and healthy activity.  The entire program is led by a team of health professionals including a Registered, Licensed Dietitian and Fitness Professional.  The program includes:

  • Pre and Post biometric testing (Fasting Lipid Profile plus Glucose, Body Mass Index and Blood Pressure)
  • Goal and outcome driven
  • Weekly 1 hour group meetings designed on making healthier choices to reach personal goals
  • Weekly 30 minute one-on-one nutrition counseling sessions
  • Individual nutrition and physical activity tracking
  • Follow-up support group initiation

The content of the class can be modified based on the population.

6 Weeks to Wellness: This is a 6-week program that focuses on interactive workshops for employees. The sessions can be customized to meet the health needs of your workforce. All sessions emphasize education modules and participants will receive a certificate of completion for successfully attending all six sessions.

Some successful Rocket Wellness workshops include the following topics:

  • Healthy Living, Healthy Weight
  • Healthy Eating
  • Fitness for Life
  • Getting the Knots Out
  • Wellness on the Go
  • Ageless Living

Healthcare 101: This program is designed to challenge your employees to be wise consumers of health care and health care dollars. These web-based sessions will provide basic knowledge to your employees and test their comprehension of topics. Every employee will receive a certificate of completion after each successful session.

  • Self-Help: Caring for YOU first-book included
  • Top 10 questions to ask your physician
  • How to navigate your health care
  • Generic medicines
  • When to use the ER
  • Sun Safety
  • Coping with Chronic Disease
  • Women’s Health Issues

Diabetes Education, Disease Management, and Support: Diabetes education, management, and support will be offered to all employees by Rocket Wellness and UTMC Pharmacy Services.

Stress Busters: This stress management incentive program is designed to help participants feel their best. Participants can customize personal stress reducing programs that will assist in building skills on stress reduction techniques, letting go, and being emotionally strong. 

Rocket Wellness Nutrition Consultations: Meet with one of our trained professionals to discuss your individual or group nutrition goals.  Contact us for more details.


*This is not a comprehensive list of our health education topics.  We offer over 30 different health education classes.  Contact us for a detailed list.


Last Updated: 6/17/14