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Lifestyle Programs

Smoking Cessation Classes and Support This program uses a positive behavior-change approach to smoking cessation. The sessions focus on developing a quitting strategy, understanding nicotine addiction, the use of nicotine replacement products, and dealing with recovery symptoms, controlling weight, and managing stress through relaxation, as well as assertiveness techniques and a variety of prevention strategies for smoking cessation and maintenance. 

Rocket Workout UT Rocket Wellness will bring on-site fitness classes to your worksite. This basic fitness class focuses on functional fitness and cardiovascular health. Participants can work at their own fitness levels while working out in a supportive group setting.   

12-Ways to Health This program is created to boost year-end participation. This program focuses on basics way to staying healthy right into the New Year. Participants will design specific ways to improve their health and dedicate 12 days toward achieving their goal.
Last Updated: 6/17/14