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Fitness Fun Club This is a 12-week program that challenges employees to get fit and eat healthy. The program will consist of beginning, middle, and final weigh-ins, educational articles, weekly challenges, fitness tracking, and various activities to keep employees motivated.  

Maintain Don’t Gain This 7-week challenge is held over the holiday season and focuses on empowering participants to think about every bite they take during the holiday season.  Program includes beginning and ending weigh-ins, educational articles, and ongoing motivation to not gain weight.

Start! Walking at Work Rocket Wellness will assist in the development and implementation of a comprehensive walking program, including safe walking routes, marked route mileage and pedometers for measuring distances and caloric expenditure.

Healthy Eating Challenge Rocket Wellness will challenge your employees on improving their eating habits. This incentive based program will include healthy cooking demonstrations, recipe makeovers, and virtual grocery store tours. Employees will earn points based on participation.  


*This is not a comprehensive list of our challenges.  We offer a variety of challenges.  Contact us for a detailed list.

Last Updated: 6/17/14