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The University of Toledo Rocket Wellness Program provides university quality care at your workplace. Through the development of comprehensive educational services, UT Rocket Wellness can develop a program to meet your worksite needs, including but not limited to the following: conducting health fairs, workshops, programs, group classes, one-on-one coaching at the workplace, in schools, or community settings.

The areas of topic include health, fitness, exercise, weight management, nutritional evaluation, physical therapy, massage therapy, women’s health, dentistry, medicine, cholesterol testing, smoking cessation, blood pressure screenings, vision testing, ergonomics, body fat analysis, and health-related topics.

UT Rocket Wellness uses a team of health professionals who work directly with employers to build a healthier workforce. The University of Toledo Rocket Wellness provides the highest level of services and programs by connecting resources from all aspects of the university, focusing on quality, innovation, outcomes and best practices.

Last Updated: 9/23/14