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Study Title: A 24-month, single center, pilot, open label, randomized, controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of calcineurin-inhibitor elimination or reduction with randomization at 3 months to everolimus/myfortic® versus Reduced Dose tacrolimus/everolimus in adult renal transplant recipients following Campath® induction and steroid avoidance. (Identifier: NCT01935128)

Study Purpose: To evaluate whether conversion to everolimus (Zortress®), allowing the elimination or reduction of calcineurin inhibitors, will reduce nephrotoxicity (measured by increased creatinine clearance) and lengthen overall graft (kidney transplant) survival (measured by 2-3 year graft survival).  Condition:  Kidney Transplant

Principal Investigator: Michael A. Rees, MD, PhD

Study Coordinator: Lisa Twining, BS, For more information, please contact 419.383.6068

Last Updated: 4/20/16