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ProMedica/UT Partnership - The AHCBR Biorepository

Functioning under direction of the Academic Health Center, the biorepository began sample collection in July.  The purpose of the AHCBR is to serve as a resource to support a wide range of current and future research projects that require human biospecimens, by providing tissue as well as IRB approved clinical, pathological, and outcome information to approved investigators.  Oncology patients presenting to Toledo Hospital are being screened and approached with the opportunity to donate tissue for research in this initial start-up phase.  Resected tumor from lung, breast, liver, kidney, colon, pancreas, prostate, ovary and skin will be the focus of collection.  Blood, collected during pre-admission testing and normal tissue from the surgical resection, if available, will also be collected.

For non-human subjects research protocols, data will be de-identified and the investigator will have signed an agreement with the AHCBR not to attempt re-identification of samples.

Completed Sample Request Forms from UT and ProMedica investigators submitted to Dr. Keith Crist  will be reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Committee for merit and impact on the collection prior to IRB review. 

The AHCBR will employ a cost recovery model to provide for its continuing operation.

As resources available to the AHCBR allow, additional collection sites will be added.
Last Updated: 4/20/16