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The goal of the Executive Health Assessment is to assess a client’s current health in a world-class setting. Clients are brought to a private suite located in the Heart & Vascular Center at the UT Medical Center. The suite is fully equipped with office amenities, including wireless internet, concierge service and comfortable furniture. Excellent service is guaranteed — clients are personally escorted to screenings by a dedicated professional who makes all arrangements to ensure minimal waiting and easy navigation through the screening process.

Upon completion of examinations and screenings, clients meet with a physician who will share the results and personalized information on achieving and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Clients will receive their results on a flash drive to take with them. The results can also be forwarded to  the client's primary care physician or to a specialist. Most importantly, the client will have ample time to ask questions and address specific concerns with a university-quality physician.

Executive Health Assessment procedures include:

Men Women
Urinalysis Dexascan
HgAlc Mammogram*
Thyroid Functions Urinalysis
CBC with Differential HgAlc
Comprehensive Metabolic Profile Thyroid Functions
EKG with Interpretation Pap Smear*
Stress Test with imaging CBC with Differential
Spirometry Comprehensive Metabolic Profile
Vision Screening EKG with Interpretation
PSA Stress Test with imaging
Audiology Screening Spirometry
Dietitian Consult Vision Screening
Fitness Consult Audiology Screening
Carotid Ultrasound Dietitian Consult
Abdominal Ultrasound Fitness Consult
Ankle Brachial Index Carotid Ultrasound
  Abdominal Ultrasound
  Ankle Brachial Index
Complete physical & consultation
w/a Senior Medicine Faculty member
Complete physical & consultation
w/a Senior Medicine Faculty member
  *These exams performed as needed
Last Updated: 4/20/16