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Executive Health Assessment

At the UT Medical Center, we believe that those informed about their health tend to lead healthier lives. Our lives are becoming increasingly full, and the life of an executive is stressful and fastpaced. As a result, health screenings, medical appointments and healthy habits often take a back seat to life’s other challenges.

The Executive Health Assessment is a streamlined program that enables a client to receive a thorough exam in just one day. The program is tailored to patients according to gender and age, ensuring the most effective and appropriate tests for each client.

By providing an accurate picture of a client’s health, an education on how to improve his or her health status, and impeccable service, we hope to improve the health and wellness of leaders in our community and beyond. Services include lab, radiology and other ancillary tests, and one-on-one consultations with university-quality physicians. Learn more about Executive Wellness Services available.


Last Updated: 1/31/19