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Every Ribbon Tells a Story...

By Susan Ross Wells

Cancer patients share their stories as UTMC celebrates the opening of the new Eleanor N. Dana Cancer Center

Jacob and Jennifer Hodgson

This is a story of a young couple in love and faced with not one, but two devastating diagnoses. Jacob and Jennifer Hodgson of Toledo feel they can get through anything now. It was 2009 when they learned that Jake had AML leukemia. They came to The University of Toledo Medical Center for his care.

“The treatment that Jake received was absolutely amazing,” says his wife Jennifer. “Everyone from the doctors to the nurses and everyone we came into contact with were so accommodating to him. Jake was hospitalized for weeks at a time and the hospital staff treated us like guests in their home.”

Jake finished treatment around September 2009. Then, Jennifer had some health concerns of her own. She was eventually diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2011.

“When I received my diagnosis there was no question that all of my treatment would be at UTMC. My care was and still is equally wonderful.”

As happy as they are with their treatment at UTMC, Jennifer says she likes the idea behind the new cancer center, centralizing all cancer care in one location.

“The Dana Cancer Center will no doubt be very convenient for cancer patients. It was nice to have everything in one hospital. Everything under one roof would be even better.”

In December 2012, Jennifer had her final surgery as part of her treatment plan.

“Our lives are not much different after having cancer because we have both been lucky enough to make full recoveries and feel wonderful. We both have different outlooks on life and cancer treatment and really believe that a positive attitude can help you recover and live a happy, healthy life.”

“After Jake’s recovery we were able to have the wedding we dreamed of and are very grateful to have each other. We decided that after we went through Jake’s cancer treatment we could get through anything. After my cancer treatment we definitely know how strong we are and that we can help each other through anything.”

Last Updated: 6/17/14