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Satheesh Ramineni, MD

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 Board Certified

Joint Replacement:
-Direct anterior hip replacement surgery
-Hip replacement surgery
-Knee replacement surgery including muscle-sparing knee replacement, computer/robotic assisted knee replacement
-Shoulder Replacement
-Ankle Replacement
Foot and Ankle surgery:
- Arthritis
-Claw Toe
-Flat Foot
-Foot Pain
-Plantar Fasciitis
-Ankle Sprains
-Diabetic Foot Care
-Rheumatoid Arthritis Related Foot & Ankle Problems
-Diabetic Foot Problems
Fractures & Injuries
-Complex Fractures
-Fractures & Dislocations
-General orthopaedic trauma (Fractures and dislocations)
-General orthopaedic conditions
Sports Medicine:
-Sports Related Injures
-Rotator Cuff Tear
-Shoulder Impingment
-Rotator Cuff Tendonitis
-SLAP Tear
Hand & Upper Extremity Conditions
-nerve entrapment
-Carpal Tunnel
-Cubital Tunnel
-DeQuervain’s Disease