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Hey staff! Yesterday, a company did a point prevalence study on our central lines. UTMC's numbers are looking better! Just a few points to remember:
*Please remember to date your IV tubings, especially the secondary tubings.
*If your dressing has gauze on it, it needs changed every 24 hours instead of the normal 7 day time frame.
*Remember to date, time, and initial your dressings.

Thanks for all your hard work to get our numbers up!



We now have yellow adapters at UTMC to put on the end of the air flowmeters.  Please make sure you put the new yellow adapters only on the air flowmeters and use the green adapters only on the oxygen flowmeters!








Looking for charting from other disciplines in McKesson?  Look under the Review tab under Therapy Reviews.

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Last Updated: 9/19/14