Dr. Skeel

The Division of Hematology at The University of Toledo Medical Center provides state-of-the-art diagnosis and medical management for all benign and malignant hematologic (blood) disorders and for the entire spectrum of adult cancers.

The extensive experience and specialized expertise among the faculty of the Division of Hematology is unmatched in Northwest Ohio and has served as a resource for the region for over 30 years.


Our faculty physicians have access to the most sophisticated diagnostic tests and the latest treatments to deal with the simplest to the most complex hematologic problems. Conditions we treat include:

We have unique expertise in the bleeding and clotting deficiencies and in the diagnosis of abnormal blood platelet function through the use of standard and electron microscopic diagnostic tests. 

Cancer Care

University-quality cancer care is provided by the four medical oncologists in the Division of Hematology, with expertise spanning the spectrum from prevention, screening and early diagnosis through treatment of early disease, to treatment of advanced disease and palliative care. 

Each oncologist has specific areas of expertise to assure that our patients receive quality cancer care unrivaled anywhere in the US. Special programs have been developed in multidisciplinary breast cancer care, diagnosis and screening of patients and families at high risk of hereditary cancers, cancers of the urinary tract and lung cancers.


Genetic appointments: 419.383.6644 

Hematology appointments: 419.383.6644

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Last Updated: 6/27/22