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Patient Success Stories and Appraises

Tim Berta's Road to Recovery On March 2, 2007, UTMC was first introduced to patient, Tim Berta. Berta and the Bluffton baseball team were on a Florida-bound bus that crashed off a freeway overpass in Atlanta. Of those who survived, Berta’s injuries were the worst. He suffered critical damage to areas of his brain that control his muscles and speech. He also broke all of his ribs on the left side, his collarbone and a shoulder blade.

The video to the left first introduces Tim Berta's story. The video to the right highlights Tim as he gains progress.

Two Years after the bus accident, Tim Berta discusses UTMC helping him make his recovery.

Appraises by Patients:

“Request for help/service were given promptly & cheerfully.  Best of many other hospital stays.”

“The staff was unbelievable.  Everyone I had contact with was positive & helpful.  I almost hated to leave.”

“Someone was always available to assist in my treatment.  Therapists were very helpful with educating me about my rehabilitation limits and capabilities.”

“The care and attention by all employees was appreciated.”

“Crew was very professional.  They made you feel like family.”

Last Updated: 4/20/16