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                                    Spine Care Center Team

The UT Spine Care Center features three excellent, University-quality spine surgeons: Dr. Nabil Ebraheim, Dr. Hossein Elgafy, and Dr. Mustafa Khan. To learn more about each physician, click the links below:

                         EbraheimPicture             ElgafyPicture                                   
        Dr. Nabil Ebraheim
rofessor & Chair

Dr. Hossein Elgafy
Professor & Chief of Spine




 In addition to these orthopaedic spine specialists, the Spine Care Center also features specialists from Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation including Dr. Steven Farrell and Dr. Tallat Rizk. These physicians specialize in spine and pain management and also provide EMG and spinal cord rehabilitation. 

                                              FarrellPicture              RizkPicture    


Dr. Steven Farrell
Chief & Professor, PM&R







Dr. Tallat Rizk
Associate Professor, PM&R















The Spine Care Center is also a national leader in spine research. In addition to the clinical faculty, the Spine Care Center is bouyed by research faculty from Bio-Engineering including Dr. Vijay Goel and Dr. Anand Agarwal,


Dr. Vijay Goel
Chair & Professor



Dr. Anand Agarwal
Research Professor 



Last Updated: 9/12/17