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2014 TITLE         SPEAKER
October 14   "Stiff Shoulder/Adhesive Capsulitis" Dr. David Sohn 
October 7 "Why Does My Wrist Hurt?" Dr. Margaret Jain
Sept. 30 "Shoulder Pain/Impingement" Dr. Patrick Siparsky
Sept. 23    "Why Is My Finger Swollen/Crooked?/Finger Deformities         Dr. Martin Skie
Sept. 16 "Bunions/Hammertoes" Dr. Satheesh Ramineni
Sept. 9 "Shoulder Dislocation/Instability" Dr. Patrick Siparsky
Sept. 2 "Arthritis/Knee Pain/Total Knee Replacement" Dr. Kafi Lai
August 26 "Rotator Cuff Tears" Dr. David Sohn
August 19 "Elbow Pain" Dr. David E. Peterson
August 12 "Arthritis/Knee Pain/Total Knee Replacement" Dr. Kafi Lai
August 5 "Tendonitis Fingers/Wrist Pain" Dr. Abdul Mustapha
July 29 "Revision Surgery/LBP" Dr. Hossien Elgafy
July 22 "Carpal Tunnel" Dr. Martin Skie
July 15 "Arthritis, Hip Pain" Dr. Daniel Gehling
July 8 "Plantar Fasciitis/Achilles Tendonitis     Dr. Satheesh Ramineni
July 1 "Low Back Pain" Dr. Mustafa Khan
June 24 "Tendonitis - Wrist and Hands" Dr. Abdul Mustapha
June 17 "Total Joint Replacement" Dr. Daniel Gehling  
June 10
"Hip Arthroscopy for Hip Pain" Dr. David Sohn  
June 3 "Nerve Problems With Arm and Wrist" Dr. Margaret Jain  
May 27 "Ankle Pain" Dr. Satheesh Ramineni  
May 20 "Wrist Pain" Dr. Martin Skie  
May 13 "Neck Pain" Dr. Mustafa Khan  
May 6 "Spine Fusion and Failed Back Surgery"  Dr. Hossein Elgafy  
April 10  "Diabetic Foot Conditions"  Dr. Satheesh Ramineni  

**Any new and upcoming forums will be posted accordingly.



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