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The UT Orthopaedic Center

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The Orthopaedic Center offers:

  • Facility: - Billed as "the wave of the future for Orthopaedic practices" by many health-care experts.
  • Access: Complimentary valet parking, just a few steps to the Orthopaedic Center itself.

  • Service: Our special concierge service helps families coordinate directions, parking, hotel reservations, and local restaurant information. 
  • Convenience: an all-inclusive facility, allowing patients to receive the full spectrum of Orthopaedic services in a single location:

    • Imaging and radiology (X-Rays & MRIs), DEXA imaging
    • Rooms for numerous special procedures
    • Facility for Physical therapy

      Patient education, including patient articles and videos

   professional staff are here to assist 
Last Updated: 7/25/14