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Spine and Low Back Problems

The Chairman of Orthopaedic Surgery, Dr. Nabil Ebraheim, has always possessed a passion to teach. Now, with the assistance of the Department's staff, Dr. Ebraheim has created a series of educational videos to explain many common orthopaedic situations. This page contains all videos related to the spine and low back. Enjoy!


Sciatic Nerve Origin Anatomy 3D


Cauda Equina Central Disc Herniation


Common Conditions of Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain caused by Disc Herniation



  Chance Fractures of the Spine - Everything You Need To Know



Low Back Pain caused by the Sacroiliac Joint



General Low Back Pain- Everything you need to know


Body Positions Affecting the Spine


Coccyx Tailbone- Everything you need to know

Last Updated: 4/20/16