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Hand and Wrist

The Chairman of Orthopaedic Surgery, Dr. Nabil Ebraheim, has always possessed a passion to teach. Now, with the assistance of the Department's staff, Dr. Ebraheim has created a series of educational videos to explain many common orthopaedic situations. This page contains all videos related to the hand and wrist. Enjoy!


Arthritis of the fingers - types and patterns


Classic Example of Trigger Finger 


Boxer's Fracture -Neck of 5th Metacarpal


Skier's Thumb, Gamekeeper's Thumb


Wrist Pain, Causes and Treatment Part 1


Wrist Pain, Causes and Treatment Part 2


Radial Nerve Palsy (Wrist Drop)


Wrist Pain Common Causes


Case Example of Median Nerve Endangered by a Foreign Body


Last Updated: 4/20/16