George Isaac Minimally Invasive Surgery Center

George Isaac Minimally Invasive Surgery Center

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A Patient-Focused Facility

Valet parking is just the beginning of patient comforts that include private rooms and a relaxing patient and family waiting area. From their first steps through the door, patients are greeted by an inviting decor that helps reduce the typical patient anxiety as they make their way through admissions and toward the large, private prep and recovery rooms. Less like a hospital and more like a hotel, it’s a warm friendly atmosphere that promotes a patient’s well-being and allows physicians to provide the highest level of care. The center has its own dedicated, first-floor entrance that’s easily accessible, even for less mobile patients. The staff in the center is solely responsible for caring for outpatients – scheduling and care won’t be affected by inpatient or trauma needs. Patient Advantages

  • The same private room pre- and post-procedure
  • Private consultation room for physicians to meet with patients and their families
  • Easy-to-find entrance
  • Valet parking
  • Simple patient registration
  • Comfortable waiting area with a coffee bar
  • Private exit

The center maximizes efficiency, safety and patient convenience. 

Last Updated: 4/20/16