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Stereotactic Body Radiation Treatment (SBRT)

Stereotactic body radiation treatment (SBRT) utilizes highly-precise radiation treatment, which is delivered in 1-5 total sessions (high dose per fraction). It can be used to control tumors in the lungs, liver, adrenal glands, and bones, as well as other sites. SBRT minimizes the radiation dose received by adjacent normal tissues, and is therefore usually well-tolerated with very few side effects.

SBRT has been shown to provide ≥ 90% control (at 2 years) of metastatic lesions in the liver and lungs. For early stage inoperable primary lung cancers, SBRT has shown a 97% 3-year tumor control.

Because it can be delivered quickly, SBRT can be delivered without delay or interruption of systemic therapy.

Who can benefit from SBRT?

  • SBRT can be used as a “debulking agent” in conjunction with systemic therapy

  • SBRT can target specific sites of progressive metastatic disease which are “resistant” to systemic therapy

  • SBRT can be used to help prevent local progression of metastatic disease (for example, SBRT to vertebral lesions to prevent spinal cord compression)

  • SBRT can be used to effectively control Stage I primary lung cancers in inoperable patient
Last Updated: 6/27/22