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Brachytherapy, is a type of radiation therapy in which the source of radiation delivery is placed inside the patient within nearby cavities, interstitially, or intra-luminally. This modality is offered at the UTMC in both low dose rate (LDR) or high dose rate (HDR) forms.

High Dose Rate Brachytherapy (HDR)

This type of treatment delivers the dose of radiation through temporarily placed tiny plastic catheters, needles, or other applicators. The catheters are then easily pulled out, and no radioactive material is left in body. A computer-controlled machine pushes a single highly radioactive iridium seed into the catheters one at a time. Because the computer can control how long this single seed remains in each of the catheters, the radiation dose to the tumor area can be controlled much more effectively and the nearby structures spared. The highly active radioactive source of radiation embedded at the tip of a flexible wire, travels through a catheter into the tumor or tumor bed. The HDR Brachytherapy is often done as an outpatient procedure but sometimes requires a hospital stay.


Last Updated: 6/27/22