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Cutting Edge Technology

Varian TruBeam Linear Accelerator

Our Varian TruBeam Linear Accelerator combines imaging, radiation and speed to target tumors. The Trubeam equipment rotates around your body to deliver radiation therapy from nearly any angle and provides real-time imaging to guide your doctor in directing higher doses with greater accuracy. At the same time, Trubeam's respiratory management technology gives your doctor the ability to synchronize radiation delivery with the pattern of your breathing. TruBeam provides breakthrough tools that allow our team to treat more challenging cancers, such as pancreas, spine, lung, liver, breast and prostate. Learn more.

Varian Edge System

Our Edge radiosurgery treatment could be called a procedure on the cutting edge - except this is a surgery without a scalpel. The Eleanor N. Dana Cancer Center was one of the first oncology programs in the country, and is currently the only cancer center in northwest Ohio to offer the Varian Edge radiosurgery system. These treatments are the most precise, non-invasive option for patients with small tumors in the lung, liver, brain, and spine, as well as cancers that have spread. Edge's high-dose radiation is tailored to each patient's specific condition, with a goal of obliterating the cancer or making it a chronic, manageable disease, like diabetes or high blood pressure. Learn more.

Philips Gemini PET-CT-SIM Unit

Our 4D PET-CT simulator allows us to perform PET and CT imaging at the same time. These images provide a highly detailed look at your tumor so we can plot an effective course of treatment. 

Although you probably won't see them, the Eleanor N. Dana Cancer Center has a skilled team of physicists working behind-the-scenes to ensure your treatment are as effective as possible. They consult closely with your oncologist to plot precise doses of radiation that pinpoint your tumors, destroying cancerous cells while preserving as many healthy cells as possible. 

Last Updated: 4/19/23