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Molecular Mapping

The first step in precision medicine cancer treatment

All cancer patients at the Eleanor N. Dana Cancer Center have the opportunity to undergo molecular mapping — genetic testing to map the genetic fingerprint of your cancer.

Cancer cells survive and grow because of genetic abnormalities in cells. If we can identify those defects— using molecular mapping — we can determine if precision medicine is an appropriate treatment.

Precision therapy is cutting-edge cancer treatment that is the future of cancer management. It targets your unique tumor profile and matches it with a precise therapy that will disable or interrupt the molecular signal that allows the cancer to grow.

It's personalized medicine with better outcomes and fewer side effects.

How is molecular mapping done?

Physicians biopsy your tumor and send tissue samples to our Department of Pathology.

Our pathologists are the key to diagnosing cancer and determining its stages. They have years of experience in classifying tumors. When they map your tumor, they identify the mutant genetic material that allows your cancer to grow.

Armed with this information, our oncology team can determine the best possible treatment for you.

Your tumor's genetic profile is added to our registry. If your cancer matches one of the targets that's been shown to respond to precision therapy, your physician may suggest one of the more than 80 precision therapies that UTMC offers. 

As more patients are tested and we add to our registry, we will be able to contribute to further targeted research. Our rapidly expanding precision therapy clinical trial program will offer additional opportunity for cancer management that are relevant to our patients.

Last Updated: 6/27/22