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I Survived Cancer

You’ve conquered the fear, navigated the treatment, and survived cancer. There’s a community of people just like you, and the bond of your shared experience is powerful.

The Eleanor N. Dana Cancer Center would like you to remember the positive aspects of your cancer experience and help you maintain your health. We’ve created a roadmap for cancer survivors. For guidance and specific instructions on what to do next, follow these steps through our website.

  1. Stay healthy. Follow your doctor’s recommendations about health maintenance, check-ups, appointments and lifestyle changes.
  2. Stay Connected. Maintain relationships with your doctors, caregivers and support circles.
    • Monitor regional support groups and contribute advice, reassurance and support to others going through cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  3. Stay Informed. In our constant quest for knowledge about cancer and its treatment, The Eleanor N. Dana Cancer Center and other cancer organizations uncover new information every day. Learning about progress, success stories and lifestyle tips is uplifting.
Last Updated: 4/20/16