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Living with Cancer: Mind and Body

A cancer diagnosis can turn your world upside down and bring all kinds of fears and questions. What’s going to happen to me? How will my family handle my illness?

There’s a delicate balance between living with your cancer and becoming consumed by it. We’ve compiled some valuable advice and information to help you work to achieve this balance and minimize the psychological and physical impact cancer and treatment have on your mind and body.

Navigating Cancer (source navigatingcancer.com)
Patients will find navigation tools to help them mentally and physically prepare for a smooth and successful cancer treatment program. Use this site as an organization guide and resource for advice and information.

Cancer Diagnosis: 11 Tips for Coping (Source: Mayo Clinic)
Having steps to follow can ease the worry, fear and frustration of a cancer diagnosis. Read these 11 tips for coping with the news of cancer, who to communicate with, handling physical changes, and managing lifestyle adjustments and support.

Cancer Diagnosis? Advice for Dealing with What Comes Next (Source: Mayo Clinic)
A cancer diagnosis can be paralyzing. It’s hard to imagine moving forward and learning what to do next. Read this advice for instructions on how to handle a cancer diagnosis.

Long-Term Psychological Effects Discussion Board (Source: American Cancer Society)
Would you like some insight from others who are or have been diagnosed with cancer? Visit the Long-Term Psychological Effects Discussion Board and learn about others’ experiences. You may find advice and comfort in their stories.

Cancer and Your Body (Source: Cancer.net)
Visit this source of information for details about how cancer can affect your body, body image, fertility and reproductive health.

Cancer and Your Life (Source: CancerCare.org)
Patients and caregivers will find cancer care and treatment advice and support, telephone and web conferences, answer to financial questions, online support groups and more.

Inspirational Cancer Blogs (Source: NavigatingCancer.com)
Although everyone’s experience with cancer is unique, there are thousands of people who’ve been similarly diagnosed or know someone who has. Read what they have to say about their cancer diagnosis, treatment and support. This site will lead you to breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, Leukemia, Melanoma and many other specific cancer blogs.

Last Updated: 4/30/18