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Eleanor N. Dana Cancer Center

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Welcome to a new era of cancer care in Toledo and the surrounding community. To better meet the complex and growing needs of cancer patients in northwest Ohio and beyond, UTMC established the Eleanor N. Dana Cancer Center, the only cancer center in our region where you receive all your care in one, centralized cancer center of excellence. We'll guide you through your treatment and do everything we can to make consultation, scheduling, treatment and follow-up care as convenient as possible. Our mission is to reduce your anxiety and empower you throughout your treatment. 

Available to you at the Eleanor N. Dana Cancer Center are: 
  • Established treatments and protocols
  • Clinical trials and experimental therapies
  • Psychosocial and supportive care
  • High-tech diagnosis tools
  • Up-to-date research information
One team, on focus

Our team of medical professionals has one focus: you! Although we specialize and are credentialed in different aspects of cancer treatment, we come together to create a treatment plan specific to you and your disease. 

Who can you expect to meet here at The Eleanor N. Dana Cancer Center?
  • Our physicians, who have experience treating all types of cancers, and who are all board-certified in a major specialty, including oncology, surgery, radiology, pathology, radiation oncology and hematology.
  • Our nurse practitioners, who will provide education, help you manage any side effects, interpret lab tests and lend a friendly shoulder for you and your family.
  • Our nurses, who are trained in the care of oncology patients, will administer chemotherapy or help you manage radiation side effects, address our questions or concerns about cancer treatment and coach you through recovery.
  • Our radiation therapists, who administer the physician-prescribed course of radiation therapy in a compassionate, friendly manner.
  • Our medical assistants and administrative personnel, who will assist you from the moment you make that first call for an appointment to greeting you at registration, helping with insurance issues, and ensuring compassionate, quality care. 
  • Our social worker, can provide you and your family with resources to deal with stress.
  • Our dedicated pharmacists, who works in tandem with your medical team to precisely calculate dosages, examine potential interactions and answer your questions regarding any aspect of your pharmacological treatment. 
  • Our financial patient navigator, who will walk you through insurance benefits, share resources that may ease your financial burden and help you navigate through the complex healthcare billing process. 
Last Updated: 5/4/18